Fight / Push Your Way to Victory Mod

This mod was already released in the Ubermod, but it was never released as a stand-alone mod until now.

About the Push Mod:

The push mod is a Team Deathmatch (TDM) only game type in which both teams fight to gain ground and push their way across the map to score. As you fight your way through each map, your team's spawn will move forward depending on who can reach each checkpoint. The checkpoints are not marked. In order for a team's spawn to advance, one player on that team must make it to the next checkpoint. Allies head towards the sparks. The sparks indicate the score zone for allies. Axis head towards the smoke. The smoke indicates the score zone for the axis.

How to Install and Run the Push Mod:

Upload the zZzZzZz_kingofmap_push.pk3 and push.cfg files into your server's MOHAAMain directory. Start your game server. Then, to start the push mod, simply run this command:


rcon exec push.cfg

That, or you can incorporate the settings in the push.cfg file into your server.cfg file if this is the only mod you want to run.
Debug Cvars:

// Debug settings:
// These should be off unless testing or modifying code
// set pushDebugSpawns "1"   // Shows player spawns
// set pushDebugTriggers "1" // Shows the spawn triggers


This mod should not conflict with any existing mod on your server unless you are running customized single player multi-player maps that this mod uses.